Commercial services

Shell products distribution and delivery for commercial, industrial, agricultural and construction sectors. To make our customers lives as easy as possible, we deliver directly to farmers, industries, marinas and businesses.

We also have a network of service stations (gas stations) in Quebec and eastern Ontario and can also loan tanks.


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Commercial, industrial and agricultural Services

  • Farm delivery
  • Delivery to industries
  • Marinas
  • Chain of service stations
  • Diesel
  • Loan of petroleum tanks
  • Lubricants
  • Heating oil
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Lubricants
  • Hydraulic (Tellus)
  • Gear (Omala)
  • Bearing and flow through system (Morlina)
  • Slides (Tonna)
  • Grease (Gadus)
  • Air compressor (Corena)
  • Gas compressor
  • Transmission (Spirax)
  • Diesel Motors (Rotella)
  • Gas Motors (Formula)

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We are pleased to offer you an innovative Shell fuel that can help improve fuel economy by up to 3%*! It also helps to protect the fuel system from corrosion and reduce CO2 emissions and black smoke.

*Over the lifetime of the vehicle. Compared to regular diesel without a fuel economy formula. Savings may vary per truck/vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.
100 years | 1911 to 2011

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help :

  • Save fuel up to 3%*
  • Keep the fuel system clean and protect it from corrosion
  • Lower CO2 emissions and smoke**

For more information on how Shell Diesel Extra is designed for extra kilometres, visit

*Based on internal Shell tests under normal operating conditions with heavy-duty on-road diesel engines using Shell Diesel Extra versus regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Savings may vary per truck/vehicle. **A heavy-duty truck traveling approximately 10,000km/yr consumes approximately 3500L of diesel and produces approximately 92.05 tonnes of CO2/year. A fuel consumption saving of 3% will result in 2.76 tonnes less CO2 produced. Improving the fuel economy of a fleet of 10 such heavy trucks by 3% in a year will result in 27.6 tonnes less CO2 produced and return the same benefit as cancelling out the annual CO2 emissions produced by 5 average sized gasoline cars. (Values taken from the Natural Resources Canada Energy Efficiency Trend Analysis Tables (Canada) for 2007 (latest year available) at